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The Booktique is the used bookstore operated by The Friends of The Lake Oswego Public Library. It is located in Building B on the lower level of the Mercantile Medical Plaza at 3975 Mercantile Drive in Lake Oswego, OR.

Hours of operation:
Tuesday-Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Open late on Wednesday 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.
For additional information please call 503-699-9109.

Booktique has weekly specials! See our Specials & Sales page for this weeks deals!

Booktique is the primary fundraising operation of The Friends in their support of the Lake Oswego Library. This bookstore contains thousands of books which have been donated by local citizens or withdrawn from the shelves of the LO Library. Other items for sale in the store include puzzles, CD’s, DVD’s, VHS tapes, talking books, records and beautiful handmade bookmarks. All items are terrific "finds" and they also make terrific gifts! Booktique has a wonderful variety of books for readers of all ages and tastes - including cookbooks! New books are added daily, keeping the assortment fresh.

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The Booktique is successful due to the dedication of its volunteers. The volunteers are knowledgable, hardworking and always helpful. They are happy to help customers find selections, to make recommendations, and the share a story or two of their own. If you have a love of books and a desire to support the Lake Oswego Public Library, become a Booktique volunteer. To find out more about volunteering for Booktique, visit our Volunteer webpage.

The Booktique traces its history to 1991, when after “months of publicizing, collecting, sorting and pricing”, the store opened on November 1st. Prior to the establishment of the bookstore, fundraising was primarily by annual book sales. Because of the large number of books that were being donated, it was felt that opening a used bookstore would benefit the community and help The Friends raise funds for the LO Library.

Work on the startup of the bookstore was done primarily by two men considered to be the “fathers of the Booktique”, Jack Radow and Herb Baumgarner. Jack negotiated the space in Mercantile Plaza while furnishings and supplies were donated by residents of Lake Oswego and others. One of the early benefactors was the Portland Marriott, whose manager donated used carpet from the hotel – and had it cut and laid at NO charge. This was negotiated by Herb, and that carpet is still in use 23 years later!

Carolyn Peake, on loan from the Lake Oswego Library, was the first manager of The Booktique. Since that time managers include Joyce Baskin, Phyllis Price, Laurel Boone, Leroy Swanner and the current manager, Margaret Ogren with assistant manager Kathleen Guilford. (?)

– With the exception of a part-time paid manager, The Booktique is run by approximately 40 volunteers who clean, price and shelve the donations. Among the volunteers are retired physicians, engineers, teachers, school principals, attorney, retired military, an editor, artists and a retired librarian. They are all “book-lovers” who enjoy sharing their knowledge with customers. The Booktique is a wonderful place to volunteer according to one volunteer, who said “where else can you spend your day surrounded by books, talking about books, and assisting other book lovers in finding just the right book!” Not just that, but it's also good for your health! At the end of one volunteer's shift, she checked her fitness tracker. “Three miles already! And most of it here in the store!” While the Booktique Workout doesn’t compare to pulling ivy at Tryon Creek Park (we have several volunteers who also do that each week), it is definitely a workout: 

Start the Booktique Workout with plenty of walking: back and forth from the bins to the pricing table, and then from the pricing table to the shelves. Then there’s lifting: our sort-ers regularly lift piles of books out of boxes onto the sorting table, and from there into bins or onto shelves. Our pricers carry books back and forth throughout their shift, shelving books so that customers can find what they are looking for. Bending and stretching: If a customer can’t reach something, a volunteer is there to help. Also, our shelves and bins in the work area go from the floor almost the the ceil-ing, and we use every available nook and cran-ny, no matter how hard to reach. There’s also Sideways-aislersize, as we try to squeeze through the aisle with an armload of books past customers totally engrossed in the book they just discovered. We also work on our fine motor skills with the Page-flipper, hunt-ing for the elusive publication date as we’re pricing. And my personal favorite workout, the Aerobic “Laugh Out Loud”, when someone shares a funny observation or a goofy title such as “Still Stripping after 25 Years” (which turns out to be a quilting book, who knew?). The Booktique Workout is good for the body and the spirit! 

New volunteers are always needed as people retire, move or are not able to continue volunteering.  You will meet interesting poeple, share your love/knowledge of books, learn new things, and find out about sales, specials, and special events before the general public. It's a wonderful way to spend a few hours once or more each week. If this sounds interesting, contact the store manager, Margaret Ogren at 503-699-9109. We'd love to have you involved at Booktique! 

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